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Almeida Wolff started its activities in January 2006, from the combination of experience in the commercial area and perception of market needs. With her we started our group, being considered our matrix, in which we had as founders Julio José Wolff and Maria Cristina Almeida Wolff. Moving from São Paulo, to start from 0, and believing in the potential that Belo Horizonte could become. The company is synonymous with quality in products, services and commitment to its customers and employees. Respect, ethics, professionalism and the development of the country is the main thing for the company. 


Almeida Wolff Group

Almeida Wolff Comercial Hospitalar Ltda

Founded on June 10, 2005

JSWOLFF Comercial Hospitalar Ltda

Foundation on December 17, 2013

Max Wolff Comercial Hospitalar Ltda

Foundation on August 05, 2022

Address: Rua dos Aztecas, 3046 - Santa Monica. 


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