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TechSteri Ltd


Biological and chemical controls of the sterilization process;
Instrument marker tapes;
Brushes for cleaning ;
Labelers and labels;
Traceability System;


Tecpon Industria e Comércio de Produtos Químicos Ltda

Enzymatic detergents;
Alkaline detergents;
Products for cleaning and revitalizing instruments and autoclaves;
Surgical instrument lubricant.



- VOXILON AN (PERACETIC ACID)  - A high-level, ready-to-use disinfectant intended for the disinfection of medical and hospital items.


  -  THECHVIR Wipes  - It is a hospital disinfectant for fixed surfaces and non-critical items, with pure cleaning action. and with full compatibility with the materials used in health care procedures.


  - THECHVIR. - It is an intermediate level disinfectant, with cleaning action and composed of a balanced and stable mixture containing hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid and biodegradable surfactants.


 - Thech-Test - It is a safe, fast and reliable method for semi-quantitative determination of peracetic acid manufactured by Thech. Disinfection, ideal for determining concentrations of peracetic acid solutions in the work area. 

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