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     Reference in the distribution of Medical Hospital products


The company

Grupo Almeida Wolff started its activities in January 2006, from the combination of experience in the commercial area and perception of market needs. The realization of this dream had the support of family and friends, who today can follow the growth of the organization and its prominence in the segment of hospital medical products.

Almeida Wolff is synonymous with quality in products and services and commitment to its customers and employees. Respect, ethics, professionalism and the development of the country are the main values considered by the company, which seeks continuous growth aiming at the complete satisfaction of its customers.


The Almeida Wolff Group seeks to serve its customers not only considering the quality and good price of the products, but mainly offering a differentiated treatment, with promptness, agility and commitment to satisfaction.

Believing that people make all the difference in the company's business, the group currently has trained professionals from different areas, motivated by commitment and career opportunities.

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